Weimar Public Library has approved Accelerated Reader Books.

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WHS Goal is to encourage students to become independent learners and to empower them to become consumers and productive citizens.

Library Hours: 8:45am - 3:45pm

The Weimar High School Library is a vibrant academic center where students and faculty can study, collaborate, and learn together. The library is an integral part of the school's instructional program to help students be successful in the 21st century.

A wide variety of books and magazines are available for check out. Students also have access to Internet capable computers where they can see what titles of books are available in our Library as well as the district.  Students can log into Follett at https://weimarisd.follettdestiny.com
If any assistance is needed please see Ms. Montgomery  


Circulation policy
Students may check out books for a maximum of two weeks with renewals allowed. Overdue books are given a "free week" until fines begin. When overdue books are not turned in or paid for a student can not check out any more books until paid. If a student has a lost or damaged book, they may not check out any other books until the lost or damaged book is paid. Refunds are given if lost books are returned in good condition.

Computer Policy

Computers are available on campus for educational use only. Students must have an Acceptable Use Policy on file signed by the parent/guardian. Permission is needed to print from the computers to the copier. The librarian assistant is available to help with multiple copies.



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