Roger Maupin


History Teacher / Girls Athletic Director / Head Softball

2023 State Champs!!!!

1st Bell Rings 7:50
 1st Period- US History  7:55 - 8:40
 2nd Period-Conference  8:42 - 9:27
 3rd Period-US History  9:29 - 10:14
Activity Period 10:16-10:41
 4th Period-Girls Athletics  10:43 - 11:28
 5th Period-AD  11:30 - 12:15
 6th Period- AD  12:17 - 12:57
 Lunch  12:59 - 1:44
 7th Period- WJH PE  1:46 - 2:31
 8th Period- WJH Athletics  2:33 - 3:18

Office Number: 979-725-1104 ext. 6308

Girls Coaches office: 979-725-1408 ext. 6314

I joined the Wildcat family in 2001 moving my wife and four kids from Huntsville.  I currently teach 11th grade American History while coaching jr high volleyball, basketball and high school softball.  Also, I am the girls athletic director.  Whether in the class room or on the field my goal is to have the student/athletes become better or smarter than they could ever imagine. 

Class Rules

  1. Be in your seat and working on your warm-up when the bell rings.
  2. Bring proper materials to class.  (Book, pen and paper)
  3. Raise hand before speaking or getting out of your chair.
  4. Food, gum or drinks will not be allowed.
  5. No cell phone use during class. Will be placed in tub upon arriving in class.
  6. Respect other students and their property.

Girls Athletics 9M7K-F5MF

Softball 2MNR-V763


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3rd period is @weimarah3

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3rd Period 2gubm7r


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