Library Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm                                     Librarian Assistant: Amy Koehn

The mission of the Weimar Elementary School Library is to provide an environment where lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement, and self-expression are encouraged and where students can meet their educational, informational and recreational needs. The Library responds to the needs of users by providing a well-organized library with up-to-date collections, a clean and inviting place to read, and friendly professional service with well-trained staff. 

PARENTS & STUDENTS please remember to return your library book to the elementary when you are done. You can return them at any time in the elementary front entrance in the your child's grade level bin.

   There are many things you can do to help your child become a better reader:

* Read with your child.
* Start a home library.
* Ask questions about the books your child has read.

When you make learning a family affair, there's no limit to the success your child can achieve!
Selecting the right books for your child to read is easier then ever.

Click here to access AR BookFinder to help your child select the correct book in their level.

Weimar Elementary School has access to numerous titles and series of books. If a student is looking to read a particular series , author or topic, and it is not available, please let Mrs. Koehn know and she will try to get it for you. New books arrive often and students are encouraged to reserve any that interest them.

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Please help keep our books clean and dry. If you are not reading your book, please keep it in your backpack or the plastic bag provided by your teacher.


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