Howdy! My name is Cassie Redding and I am the newest Agricultural Science Teacher at Weimar ISD! I will be teaching Principles and Elements of Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design, Advanced Plant and Soil Science, & Horticulture!


A Little About Me!!

Ms. Redding's Class Schedule

Class Period Time Class
1st Period 7:55am - 8:40am Floral/Advanced Floral
2nd Period 8:42am - 9:27am Advanced Plant & Soil 
3rd Period 9:29am - 10:14am  Advanced Plant & Soil 
Activity Period 10:16am - 10:41am
4th Period 10:43am - 11:28am Horticulture
5th Period 11:30am - 12:15pm Floral/Advanced Floral
6th Period 12:17pm - 12:57pm Prep
Lunch 12:59pm - 1:44pm
7th Period 1:46pm - 2:31pm Advanced Plant & Soil 
8th Period 2:33pm - 3:18pm Floral/Advanced Floral



Class Remind Google Classroom
Advanced Floral Design @reddadflo ivwmcbm
Principles and Elements of Floral Design @redflodes 56nqetc
Advanced Plant and Soil Science @reddplant ltxdn6x
Horticulture @reddhort 42g4xea


Weimar FFA Website

Feel free to contact me via remind, email , or call the office at (979) 725-9504!