7th Grade Reading and Writing

Mrs. Mueller



Welcome to 7th Grade Reading and Writing!  We will be doing a lot of fun and useful activities this year to help students become skillful readers and writers as well as productive students.  Please explore the tabs on my webpage for useful information.  Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me using the information below.  I look forward to working with our amazing students this year!


Amanda Mueller


(979) 725-9515




I am in my 13th year of teaching at Weimar Junior High, and I am proud to say that I have walked the halls of Weimar ISD as a student and as a teacher.  After graduating from Weimar High School, I attended Blinn College and Texas State University.  I received my Social Work degree and worked for a counseling agency for the first few years after college.  I then completed my teacher certification and began working for Weimar ISD. 

I am married to Lee Mueller, who is an Ag teacher for Weimar ISD and a fellow Wildcat native.  We have two children.  Braden is 13 years old and Brynlee is 9 years old.  They both bleed purple too ;).

Some of my favorite things include:

Hobbies:  * Watching my kids play sports * Camping * Spending time with family and friends (we have lots of both ;) * Listening to old country music

Singer:  George Strait

Movie:  Steel Magnolias

Colors:  * Red * Turquoise * Pink 

Food:  Chicken Spaghetti

Drink:  Sweet Tea

Candy:  Chewy sweetarts * Mr. Goodbar * Sour gummy worms

Restaurant:  The Garden Company

Car:  1955, 1956, or 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air (I'd rather drive a classic car than a new one.)

Type of Book:  Mystery/Suspense

Animal:  Horse

I am honored to have your child in my class and I look forward to an exciting and productive school year!

1st Period

7:55 - 8:40

7th Grade Reading

2nd Period


7th Grade Reading

3rd Period


7th Grade Reading

Activity Period


4th Period


7th Grade STAAR Reading

5th Period 11:30-12:15
7th Grade Writing




6th Period


7th Grade Writing

7th Period


7th Grade Writing
8th Period 2:32-3:17 Preparation Period

In order to maximize learning, as well as student and staff safety, the following rules and expectations will be in place:

  • Be responsible
    • Have your supplies.
    • Do your work.
    • Be a leader.
  • Be respectful
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Speak kindly.
    • Respect others’ space and property.
    • Wait your turn to speak.
  • Be resourceful
    • Use your time wisely.
    • Work hard.
    • Do your absolute best.

We will do a variety of activities and assignments throughout the year.  Reading and Writing grades will be separate and will include a mixture of daily grades and test grades.  For the first six weeks, we will review basic skills in both subjects and will also introduce vocabulary and spelling lessons, which will continue throughout the year.

Students will have at least six daily grades and three major grades.  A reasonable attempt at making corrections will be given to any student that does not pass an assignment.  Daily grades and major grades are weighted as follows:


Daily Grades

Ø55% of students’ six weeks average

ØVocabulary lessons and quizzes, other topic quizzes, Accelerated Reader comprehension average, and other daily assignments for Reading

ØSpelling lessons, topic quizzes, and other daily assignments for Writing


Major Grades

Ø45% of students’ six weeks average

ØUnit tests, AR goal achievement percentage, and other assessments based on topics for Reading

ØSpelling tests and other assessments based on topics for Writing

ØProjects (not every six weeks, would have some class time to complete)


I believe that parent and teacher communication is important. The quickest way to get in touch with me is to message me on Remind.  However, if you prefer to send an email or talk on the phone, I will be happy to communicate with you in those ways as well.

Remind will be used for communication about classroom assignments, due dates, and other announcements. To make it easier on parents, there will be one grade-level remind for your child's core subjects, which include Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  When signing up for Remind in those core subjects, remember you only need to sign up once.  Students may also sign up, but will need at least one parent to sign up as well.  To sign up for 7th Grade Remind, text @3a366f4 to 81010.  

The only time you would need to sign up for any other Remind group is if your child is in another class or school-sponsored organization that also uses Remind messaging.


Lessons and assignments will occasionally be posted on Google Classroom as a way for students to stay caught up when they are absent. Please understand that logging into Google Classroom and submitting assignments does not count for attendance.  However, it is a good way for students to keep from falling behind so that they can pick up where they left off when they return from being absent.  I will have one Google Classroom for Reading and Writing combined.   However, there will be a separate Google Classroom code for each of your child's classes or teachers.  Parents do not need to sign up for Google Classroom.  When students are signing up, please make sure they are using their school-issued email address.  The Google Classroom code for 7th Grade Reading and Writing is zwoyyvp.

To keep it simpler for parents and students, supplies for Reading and Writing will be combined.  Students will need the following supplies for Reading and Writing class.  These items will be kept in the classroom for daily use, but may be taken home if needed:

ü  (1) 2-inch binder

ü  (1) package of 8 dividers with tabs

ü  (1)one-subject, wide-ruled spiral

Other general supplies that will also be used and can be kept with the student include:

ü Scissors

ü Glue

ü  Red pen (or other color)

ü  Pencil

ü  Blue or black ink pen

ü  Colored pens (if you would like to use them for notes)

Textbooks will be kept in the classroom and will be occasionally used as a resource for topics and assignments.

Students' cell phones and other electronic devices, including smart watches, must be turned off and left in the designated location in the front office each day.  This includes cell phones, smart watches, or other electronic devices.  Some exceptions may be made if certain class activities or projects require an electronic device, but your child will be notified in advance if this is the case.  If a student is caught with his/her cell phone or other electronic device during non-designated times, the phone will be taken up and turned in to the office.  In this case, the student may get the phone back from the office at the end of the day for a $15 fee.  The cellular device policy is designed to decrease distractions in the classroom and to ensure student privacy and safety.

If your child is a car rider, the drop-off and pick-up location will be in front of the junior high in the drive-thru.  If your child is a bus rider, the drop-off and pickup location will be in front of the junior high as well.  Also, please remember that students will not be allowed into the building until 7:30am.  Dismissal is at 3:17pm

Student safety is our top priority.  Please know that we have certain safety measures in place at Weimar Junior High that are designed to protect your child.

Teachers must use their key card to enter the building and will be receiving name badges with their pictures on them for safe and easy identification of allowable individuals in the building. 

Visitors must ring a buzzer, and then must be allowed into the foyer by school personnel.  From there, visitors must be allowed into the rest of the building by school personnel as well.  Visitors will not be allowed into the building through the back door. 

Outside doors will be audited for safety.  There will also be a lockbox outside that will allow law enforcement into the building quickly if needed.

Teachers have been trained by law enforcement on various safety situations and will utilize certain strategies if the need arises.  Staff and students will also participate in various types of safety drills throughout the year. 

There are also safety measures that teachers take in their individual classrooms.  Teachers will keep their classroom doors locked and have a CopSync button on their computers that will allow for a quick response from law enforcement if needed. 

Students are encouraged to limit time outside of the classroom in order to ensure safety as well.  However, we do understand that restroom emergencies will arise.

You may contact the front office with any specific questions regarding safety.

1st Six Weeks Project

Click below for the first six weeks project description.  There is also a blank Frayer Model attached.  You may also use Canva or another computer program to create your Frayer Model if you would like, as long as you are able to print it. 

1st Six Weeks Reading Project.docx

Blank Frayer Model.pdf


2nd Six Weeks Project

Click below for the second six weeks project description.

2nd Six Weeks Patriot’s Pen Writing Project.docx 

Press ENTER key to focus on the active panel