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Grade 7: r4emwkt

Grade 8: 6a4ydua


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Grade 7 - @3a366f4

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Schimcek Daily Schedule
1st Period 7th Grade Math 7:55 - 8:40
2nd Period 7th Grade Math 8:42 - 9:27
3rd Period 8th Grade Math 9:29 - 10:14
Activity 10:16 - 10:41
4th Period 8th Grade Math 10:43 - 11:28
5th Period 7th Grade Math 11:30 - 12:15
Lunch 12:17 - 12:57
6th Period 8th Grade Math 12:59 - 1:44
7th Period 7th Grade Math 1:46 - 2:31
8th Period Conference 2:23 - 3:18


Students will be given two homework assignments each week except for Unit Test weeks.  Homework will consist 10 skill-building problems and 10 STAAR practice questions.  Homework will be assigned the first day of the week and will typically be due on Friday.  Occasionally homework due dates are extended as needed.  Failure to have homework completed on the due date will result in a lunch detention.  Missing homework will receive an M in the gradebook until it is turned in.  Homework will not be assigned on unit test weeks. 

Homework Days:

Students will be given one entire period each week that homework is assigned to work on the homework in class.  They will be allowed to ask for my help on questions and get one on one instruction as needed.  Please check the agenda each week to see which day students will do homework in class.



All About Me

I live in Weimar with my husband, James, and two sons, Cullen (9th grade) and Layton (7th grade).  This will be my 19th year teaching.  I love teaching Math at Weimar Junior High.  The students are fun to work with and make my days enjoyable. I look forward to another year at WJH.

Go Wildcats!

Unit 1: Numbers and Operations

Unit 2: Writing and Solving Equations & Inequalities

Unit 3: Linear Relationships

Unit 4: 2-D Geometry

Unit 5: 3-D Geometry

Unit 6: Probability

Unit 7 : Interpreting Data

Unit 8 : Financial Literacy


Unit 1: Real Numbers

Unit 2: Equations & Inequalities

Unit 3:Slope and Y-Intercept

Unit 4:Proportional & Non-Proportional Relationships

Unit 5:Interpretting Data

Unit 6: Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 7 :Transformational Geometry 

Unit 8: 3-D Geometry

Unit 9: Financial Literacy

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