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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I teach Family & Consumer Science and also in the SWAG Lab at Weimar High School.

Class Schedule

1st Period: Prep

2nd Period: SWAG

3rd Period: Family & Consumer Science

4th Period: Family & Consumer Science

5th Period: SWAG

6th Period: SWAG

7th Period: SWAG

8th Period: Family & Consumer Science


Daily Grades: 45%

Major Grades: 55%

Late Work

Late work will be accepted for particle credit up to one day after due.

·       One Day Late: 75% Credit

·       Two Days Late: No Credit Given

Make Up Policy

Make up work is allowed one day for each absence to makeup assignments, if you know an absence will occur please see me so that you may receive the work ahead of time. If a student misses a test/project, they are responsible for scheduling a time to make it up with the teacher as soon as possible.